Mullett Lake’s First Name in Dining Excellence

Established A Long Time Ago

The meal that you can enjoy at the Hack-Ma-Tack is the result of more than 100 years of careful development. Since 1894 when Watson Beebe constructed the Inn as a private hunting and fishing lodge, the story has been one of constant expansion to meet the popularity.

The Hack-Ma-Tack has been a colorful part of the evolution of Mullett Lake. Very few Mullett Lake locations have as colorful a past or have played so great a part in the history of Mullett Lake.

We at the Hack-Ma-Tack still adhere to a standard of dining out that is symbolized by a wholesome, home cooked quality to the dinners we place before you and a comfortable and congenial manner of service to you… our guests. Your Hosts welcome you, and invite you to choose your evening’s pleasure from various individually prepared entrees. To compliment your dinner, we recommend our complete list of American and European wines, or your favorite cocktail from the Pow Wow Lounge.